AmericA A Nation Divided

Format Action, Drama, SCI-FI
Starring TBA
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1 (planned 3-4+)

No. of episodes

11 (planned 40+)


Matt Sheckells

Garrett Kinney

Luis Reyes


Matt Sheckells


Matt Sheckells

Running time 30-45 minutes


STV on and Facebook (Internet)
Picture format 720p HD (internet)
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AmericA A Nation DividedEdit

This is a new show about an attack coming from within. FBI and CIA agents who are double agents have worked with NK to kill americans and Seperate the nation.

Prologue to the storyEdit

Throughout the past few years, Americans have become more upset with their country. Citizens are more outraged at the administration, claiming that the government made for the people and by the people isn’t doing its job right. From East to West the nation has become more divided on things. From Illegal immigration, to Race, from gays in the military to the wars it’s self. Many specialist have said that the nation is at the brink of a second Civil War this time East vs. West. The TV station ANN reported that a US. Rocket set to explore the Moon was shot down over Antarctica. And bombing raids north of LA. At first thought they believed it was the NK, but at a closer glance they find out it’s someone they wouldn’t have expected. Many shootings have strung up all over the US. In stadiums, malls and in Schools. The Events that will happen will collapse a government, and build a new one from the ashes. Leaders will rise, others fall. Lives will be lost. Will you survive?

Episode 1- The BeginningEdit

In Episode 1 North of LA is bombed, the FBI must find out who is behind the bombings. They find out its one of their own doing this. A plan then takes mold on how to infintrate the group of terrorists.

Episode 2- Under rapsEdit

In Episode 2 The President addresses the nation about the LA bombings. The FBI investigates and finds possible treats against more cities. FBI creates a plan to execute the biggest manhunt in US history. Meanwhile PO1 makes plans for more attacks to draw attention away from th LA bombings.

Episode 3- NYCEdit

In Episode 3, NYC is discovered to be the next target on the radar for the terrorists. They plan to bomb the NYSE. The blast blows up as the bell closes at 4pm killing over 900 people. FBI must move their New York City Headquarters. City is sent into chaos.

Episode 4- The SabotageEdit

In Episode 4, a team of special FBI and CIA taskforce agents infiltrate a PO1 training facility in Northern Wisconsin. Several Terrorists are killed in the attack. The FCII special task force, attempt to sabotaged the terrorists database but are driven out by a heavy opposition.

Episode 5- Assassination Galore?Edit

In Episode 5, The CIA receives a possible assassination attempt on the Governor of New York. As the Presidents convoy enters Raleigh, NC his convoy is hit with heavy gun fire. The President is wounded badly. Several of his secret service agents are killed. He was then captured by the PO1 group and taken captive along with several people from his team. Including the Secretary of State.

Episode 6- Pledge of 1Edit

In Episode 6, we learn more about this group and their intentions. We find out it’s a plan to overthrow the government. And a possible Leader from the West coast could be behind these bombings. A Mall shooting at the mall of America leaves hundreds dead.

Episode 7- National GuardedEdit

National Guards from all 50 states are activated, troops are pulled from the Middle East and placed in major cities Nationwide. A leader from Pledge of 1 is captured. More info about the group is released. Canada and Mexico plan to help the 2 American Nations negotiate a treaty. After a convoy with Canadian and Mexican, delegates is ambushed in Arizona. The 2 nations discover that the Pledge of 1 is behind the attack, and it goes from a nagotiative mission to both countries siding with the East.

Episode 8- Ready to FallEdit

Troops are ready to fight. The opposition is getting bigger, and gaining more support. Several states say if the government can’t support their state they will succeed. North Korea offers help to struggling U.S. states. A new President is sworn in as the U.S. is still stund after the disappearence of their president.

Episode 9- Can we survive?Edit

At the brink of a Second American Civil War. The governments of several states meet and discuss a possible succession from the Union. And the possibilty of creating their own nation. A shooting at a Yankees V. Twins game kills hundreds as the gunman ambushed exiting fans. NYC is shutdown and it is the most active night since September 11th.

Episode 10- State of the UnionEdit

The New President addresses the Nation. As the search goes on for the captured President. States choose sides and states fall. Local governments run out of money, local stores run out of food. The next Great American Civil War is Underway

Episode 11- North Korea to the rescue!!!!Edit

North Korea offers aid and support to the West Coast. They drop food supplies in several western states. FBI speculate that the North Korean Government is using the support to gain the trust and set up a truce with the Western Coast.

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