Missouri-Illinois War
Part of Allied States Formation
Allied American Freedom Corps
Allied American Freedom Corps, who started the war
Date June 12, 2007-July 23, 2008
Location Missouri and Illinois
Status Ended with deceleration of succession by the Missouri Government
Missouri Army Illinois Army, United States Military
George Freeman (Missouri Army)
Aaron Smith (AAFC)
Will Tyson (Illinois Army)
General Frank Woods (US Army)
14,000 (Missouri Army)
7,000 (AAFC)
17,000 (Illinois Army)
25,000 (US Army)
Casualties and losses
3,000 Killed

1,000 Injured

250 Killed

1,500 Injured

Missouri becomes Independent state after agreement to end year long war is signed,

 The Missouri-Illionis War was an event that changed the US. It began when a group called the Allied American Freedom Corps launched an attack on Illinois to try and capture several towns. The Illionis Army and US Army interviend and fought back. Later the Missouri Army got involved and fought against the US Army.

Beginning of warEdit

During the warEdit

The OutcomeEdit

Veterans Edit

There are nearly 35,000 US veterans and 25,000 AS veterans that served in the war. About 800 US and 1,000 AS Servicemen and Women lost limbs in the war. 1,000 soldiers lost legs while 800 lost arms.

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