"NYC" is the third episode of season one of the STV drama AmericA A Nation Divded.

AmericA A Nation Divided episode
Season 1 - Episode 3

NYSE is Bombed

Guest cast TBA
Directed by Matt Sheckells
Written by Matt Sheckells
Original airdate September 2010

Episode saying

Money is worth dieing for

Episode chronology
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Under Raps

The Sabotage

'Plot synopsis'Edit

In Episode 3, NYC is discovered to be the next target on the radar for the terrorists. They plan to bomb the NYSE. The blast blows up as the bell closes at 4pm killing over 900 people. FBI must move their New York City Headquarters. City is sent into chaos.

They experience this

  • Uprising against the Police
  • Increased Violence
  • Rioting
  • Looting
  • Widespread poweroutages
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