The Beginning
Season One, Episode One
Air date 2012
Written by Shex
Directed by Shex
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"Under Wraps"

"The Beginning" is the First episode of season one of the STV drama AmericA A Nation Divded.

Plot synopsisEdit

In Episode 1 North of LA is bombed, the FBI must find out who is behind the bombings. They find out its one of their own doing this. A plan then takes mold on how to infintrate the group of terrorists. The Show begins in a small town in New York, where FBI agent John Johnson sits at a table with his children eating dinner. He is then interupted by a phone call, its the FBI. Thye tell hime to come in because of the LA bombings, they have info on the bombing. When they arrive they find out that there are double FBI and CIA agents working for North Korea in Atlanta, Georgia. The President is briefed and he says he must tell the press and the nation. He schedules a press conference for 12 noon on June 24th, 2014. The FBI agents families are then secured and brought to the FBI Protection Program home. A plan is being drawn up as the President prepares his speech to the nation. But the FBI have questions about what the President will tell the nation. The epsiode ends with the FBI agents continuing to drawn up their plan.

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